What’s The Difference Between Natural & Purified Clinoptilolite?

Natural and Purified Clinoptilolite

What’s The Difference Between Natural & Purified Clinoptilolite?

Natural zeolites and clay minerals, but in particular natural zeolite tuffs containing Clinoptilolite, are obtained throughout the world. Many of these deposits consist of Clinoptilolite of sufficient quality to be used for technical applications, such as construction, environmental protection, cleaning water and gases. The majority of these deposits however, do not fulfill the high quality standards that must be met to ensure a safe prolonged safe consumption of Clinoptilolite.

The quality of the Clinoptilolite depends mainly on its precursor material and genesis, resulting in variations in their chemical and mineralogical composition, but also in the way they grow and acquire their final shape. Zeolites have a characteristic three-dimensional honeycombed framework in common. However, the crystal habits (=crystal shapes)of diverse zeolite minerals may differ from cubes, plates, rods, laths to needles and fibers. Natural zeolite minerals like Erionite or Mordenite (needle and fiber-shaped zeolites) can represent a serious health risk solely due to their crystal shape. Clinoptilolite typically has a non-fibrous crystal habit, what makes it generally safe for human consumption. However, only in it’s purified form, implying that the raw-material was manufactured intensively and with a patented purification process to reduce naturally bound impurities. Clinoptilolite is safe for consumption over a longer period of time.

Clinoptilolite typically has a non-fibrous crystal structure. In its purified form, Clinoptilolite is safe for human consumption, contrary to Erionite or Mordenite (which both belong to the large and heterogenic Zeolite-family as well):

 Difference Between Natural and Purified Clinoptilolite

Left: Clinoptiliolite (platy-shaped = safe), Right: Erionite (needle shape = harmful)

Not only is it important to reduce and control the materials heavy metal content but it is also important to guarantee that the zeolite material designated for human consumption is devoid of any fibrous or acicular shaped crystals. G-PUR™ contains exclusively platy purified Clinoptilolite crystals, which are 100% safe for human consumption. Based on several hundred samples taken from the deposit that G-PUR™ originates from, a complete absence of fibrous phases can be claimed. Furthermore, our quality control assures that for every batch, no fibrous or acicular shaped mineral like Erionite or Mordenite is present.

G-Science studied natural Clinoptilolite quarries all over the world for more than a decade and is now able to ensure the use of the best suited raw material. To guarantee ultimate performance, reproducible quality and safety, G-Science has developed a patented process to further purify this unique raw material to minimize any remaining impurities. This patented purification process guarantees a product that has been subjected to comprehensive toxicological safety testing. As a result, after presenting all safety data to FDA officials in a meeting in Washington D.C. in late 2013, the FDA releases a “No Objection” letter stating that they agree with our assessment regarding the safe use of Purified Clinoptilolite.

As G-Science performed extensive analytical testing to compare G-PUR™ with other Clinoptilolite products that are available for human consumption, we can state that our product is truly unique, especially when it comes to safety and levels of impurities. Clinoptilolite products that claim to be FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) for human purpose are not, as GRAS is always limited to a certain scope of application, and GRAS status for i.e. a substance that is GRAS for being used as an anti-caking agent in animal feed does in no way qualify to also be GRAS for human purpose.

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