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G-PUR®, with more than a decade of intense research to optimize our patented purification process, our thoroughly qualified production equipment provides a one-of-a-kind product originating from one of the best Clinoptilolite deposits in the world.

At G-SCIENCE, we are proud to offer the only purified and FDA accepted clinoptilolite products, worldwide. We offer a range of quantities to ensure a lasting supply. Sign up today and join our growing list of satisfied G-PUR customers and businesses.

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Production process of G-PUR®

G-PUR® is purified clinoptilolite tuff. Each batch is produced applying a unique and sophisticated process to the already outstanding raw material to lower its natural content of heavy metals and to increase its efficacy and consumer friendliness. G-PUR’s very fine particle size (3 microns) provides a smooth nongritty feeling when drinking. The patented and fully quality-controlled process involves several ion exchange steps, micronization, and terminal heat treatment, enabling it to be safely ingested over 28 days. The heavy-metal-reduced, extremely fine-grained, and dry-sterilized product is available as Bulk material, filled into FDA approved plastic bins with sealed plastic (LDPE) sacks inside. One bin is 65-70 kg.

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G-PUR® Clinical Trials

G-PUR® is backed up by own clinical trials that provide evidence for performance and fully FDA Compliant, G-PUR’s very fine particle size (3 microns) provides a smooth non-gritty feeling when drinking.

Results clearly show that binding of Pb is very effective, even in a complex matrix like the human GI tract with numerous other competing ions (Na, Ca, K etc.) in much higher concentrations. Pb absorption by the human body is not simply delayed but significantly reduced by G-PUR. (Samekova K. et al., 2021).

Known very high affinity of purified Clinoptilolite for several other heavy metals (Caesium, Cadmium, Mercury etc.) makes its comparable (detox) effect on their bioavailability from food very plausible. (Haemmerle M. et al., 2021)

Induced Murine Colitis G-Pur

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