Purified Clinoptilolite-Tuff

Purified Clinoptilolite-Tuff

Clinoptilolite-tuff results from volcanic eruptions more than 15 million years ago, a time when the continents drifted to their actual position and plants as animals in their present form evolved.

Mineralogically, clinoptilolite belongs to the zeolite family, which itself consists of more than 40 members of natural and some of synthetic origin called “technical zeolites”.

Natural clinoptilolite-tuff is mined at different locations all over the world and applied variously – such as  for human medical use, veterinary use, animal feed additives in cattle, swine, poultry and pets.  Clinoptilolite  also serves as a natural fertilizer in agriculture and as a decontamination reagent after nuclear accidents such as in Chernobyl, and technically, clinoptilolite also acts as a filter for air and water.

Each of the purposes defines another purity standard, which means that not every quarry is suitable for all demands, especially for the use of clinoptilolite-tuff in organisms as its chemical and mineralogical composition plays a decisive role. Not only do the mines have to be selected carefully to guarantee a highly quality form of clinoptilolite-tuff but also the processing of the raw-material after extraction is of crucial importance. Besides a reduction of the heavy-metal content under a limit, at which those can’t be bioavailable, it is substantial to control the zeolite-mineral content and quality. The quantity has to be high enough to give the product its efficacy and clinoptilolite has to be the only zeolite-mineral present, as other zeolite-varieties can potentially be harmful.

The precursor of our product, purified clinoptilolite, derives from a high-quality raw material that is subsequently cleaned of all chemical impurities, which are non-beneficial for the human body. This is done by a patented process by Glock Health, Science, and Research GmbH (GHSR), located in Austria. While the clinoptilolite-tuff is obtained in an open-pit mine in the Slovak Republic, it is transported to its further processing to Austria. The purified clinoptilolite is gained under pharma-industrial conditions with multiple in-house quality controls during each step of modification. After purifying, micronizing and terminal heating, the final product is shipped to the United States of America and distributed by G-SCIENCE, Inc., providing the only version of a purified clinoptilolite (zeolite mineral) product worldwide, which is safe to use for human consumption.


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