Oral Administration – When to Take G-PUR While Taking Other Medications

Oral Administration – When to Take G-PUR While Taking Other Medications

The medication intake is of crucial relevance for the effectiveness of a certain drug. Prior to the approval, a drug is investigated in pre-clinical and clinical studies – this concerns a range of factors, for instance not only the form of administration (oral, nasal, intravenous, subcutaneous, etc.) but also the dosage for humans of different ages/weights/sexes and the interaction between different kinds of drugs to guarantee a save pharmaceutical.

Approximately 20 years ago, the first studies dealt with the interaction of purified clinoptilolite-tuff and substances commonly consumed orally like aspirin, sulfamethoxazole (antibiotic), and metronidazole (ant-iparasitic agent). Possible absorption of drugs onto different forms of clinoptilolite-tuff could not be excluded – at least on some of them. These results were verified by subsequent studies with composite materials.

Purified clinoptilolite belongs to the group of nutritional supplements for oral administration and has been tested in clinical studies for its safety of application. Up to now, no relevant negative effects were verified.

Purified clinoptilolite acts as a sorbent for toxins. This leads to the fact that also pharmaceuticals can potentially be absorbed. Hence, it is recommended for save application to stick to a minimum level of at least two hours between consummation of purified clinoptilolite-tuff and your medication intake. The reason for this is that food usually stays in the stomach between 40-120 min and afterwards the same time in the small intestine before reaching the colon. Thus, for best absorption drugs and clinoptilolite should be separated temporally from each other and swallowed with fresh, clean water to exclude the influence of acids (as being found in juices) on both the intake and the purified clinoptilolite-tuff product.


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