Fight Against the History of Lead Use with G-PUR®

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Fight Against the History of Lead Use with G-PUR®

Lead pipes and lead paint were prevalent in American manufacturing in the first quarter of the 20th century. Ironically, National Geographic, the venerable publication, packed its pages with ads from the National Lead Co. touting, “Lead helps guard your health!” Scientists and doctors now say even the smallest amount of lead exposure has the potential to negatively impact your health. The United States didn’t ban lead use in pipes, paint, and other manufacturing until 1971, when the federal Lead Poisoning Prevention Act was passed, even though doctors had been warning against the use of lead for hundreds of years.

What Does This Mean for All of Us?

First, we need to be vigilant in the water we drink and the food we eat. We can also mitigate the risk of harmful heavy metals by choosing a proper supplement in order to combat heavy metal exposure. One such nutritional supplement is G-PUR®, Purified Clinoptilolite.

G-PUR® is the only FDA compliant purified Zeolite mineral on the market today. G-PUR® is a purified Zeolite mineral that helps bind harmful heavy metals in the gut. This means it attracts metals such as lead and mercury in your digestive system, which are typically ingested in what we eat or drink., G-PUR® binds these toxins and holds them securely to eliminate them from the body.

G-PUR® was pioneered by an international group of scientists dedicated to cleaner, better living. Compared to other natural Zeolite deposits worldwide, this uniquely sourced compound contains a high level of Clinoptilolite. This raw material is even further improved through a patented purification process that removes impurities found in all natural zeolite sources. G-PUR® has an exceptionally high ion exchange capacity binding to harmful substances for safe elimination through the gastrointestinal tract.

Thanks to G-PUR®, taking preventive steps to ensure the safety and well being of yourself and your loved ones is easier than ever.

If you’re interested in safeguarding your health, try G-PUR® today!


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