Cholesterol in Meats

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Cholesterol in Meats

Most people know that butter and full fat dairy products are high in cholesterol but cholesterol in meat is often poorly understood. Different types of meat have different levels of cholesterol. You may be surprised by some of the findings[1]. The Asian Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition offers a chart that tracks the amount of cholesterol is many foods including meats. Organ meat, like brain, kidney and liver has the highest cholesterol content especially those from lamb. Sausage, bacon, corned beef, tongue and tripe are relatively high in cholesterol but ham, turkey and chicken are also significant sources of cholesterol. I am still looking for every dietary trick for my patients. I have been trying G-Pur to see if we can support patients with their favorite foods.

  1. Keeton, J.T. and M.E. Dikeman, ‘Red’ and ‘white’ meats—terms that lead to confusion. Animal Frontiers, 2017. 7(4): p. 29-33.
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