G-PUR ® is a pioneer in dietary supplement innovation, specializing in high-quality, effective products like G-PUR®. Our mission is to enhance consumer health by providing innovative solutions that prevent the absorption of harmful substances, uphold quality, and safety standards.

Discover G-PUR ®, a zeolite mineral a groundbreaking dietary supplement, brought to you exclusively by G-Science, Inc. Our product is distinguished by its patented purification process and New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) status, emphasizing its uniqueness and superiority in the market. G-Science, Inc. is the only company to file an NDIN for a purified zeolite mineral.

Our Commitment:

  • Delivering innovative health solutions.
  • Upholding stringent quality and safety standards.
  • Enhancing consumer well-being through groundbreaking products.
Heavy metals and our health G-Pur

Exclusive Distribution:

  • G-Science is proud to be the sole distributor, emphasizing the provision of bulk quantities and the patented purification process of G-PUR ®.

Unique Differentiator:

  • The patented purification and NDI status underscore G-PUR ® as a premium choice in the dietary supplement market, focusing on bulk sales and qualifying as a new ingredient in several supplement brands sold through practitioners uniqueness.


G-PUR ® has received acknowledgment from the FDA, affirming its safety and efficacy with a “No Objection” letter.

Our History

Photo of the Quarry


In the late 1990’s Ing. Gaston Glock became interested in the health benefits of Clinoptilolite.


Glock Health, Science & Research GmbH was founded in Austria.

Sophisticated Testing Instruments Used in the Metallurgical Analysis of the Purified CLN


A team of International Researchers (Chemists, Biologists and Geologists) began basic scientific research on Clinoptilolite (CLN), the sole ingredient of G-PUR® , focusing on developing it’s purification process in Austria.


The purification process for Clinoptilolite was developed, optimized and patented (patent granted).

Multiple Zeolite deposits visited and analyzed around the globe. The most suitable, high quality CLN raw material source was found in Slovakia, as a result, a small-scale purification production plant was set up in Austria.


ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 was granted for our Quality Management-System.


Supported by all relevant safety data, a New Dietary Ingredient Notification for our purified Clinoptilolite was filed with the FDA.

After reviewing our safety data, the FDA issues a “No Objection” Letter to market G-PUR® in the United States.


A state-of-the-art, CGMP Compliant Purification Plant was constructed in Austria.


G-Science®, Inc. US as well as Glock Health, Science & Research, GmbH, Austria, became FDA Registered as “Food Facilities” in the US and marketing of G-PUR® began in The United States.


G-PUR® is launched in the United States.

In cooperation with external, well-respected Academic Partners & Universities, research studies for other CLN applications intensified and are currently ongoing.