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G-PUR – A Closer Look

What is G-PUR?

G-PUR is made up of purified clinoptilolite (CLN), a mineral that belongs to a diverse group of minerals called zeolites. Natural CLN was created over millions of years from layers of volcanic ash, deposited in a marine environment under elevated pressure and temperatures.


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The negatively charged crystalline matrix of G-PUR allows it to operate as an ion exchanger and a selective adsorbent. This enables G-PUR to adsorb a wide range of toxic heavy metals such as lead and mercury in the digestive tract.

Patented Purification Process

Quarries containing CLN are found throughout the world. Many of these deposits consist of CLN that is used for environmental protection and water purification.*

Production of G-PUR starts with the highest quality raw material found on earth. From there, it passes through our patented purification process to remove remnant impurities. G-PUR is the most effective way to activate the benefits of CLN in your everyday life.*

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