What is G-PUR®?

G-PUR® is made from Purified Clinoptilolite (a natural Zeolite). Compared to other Clinoptilolite deposits worldwide, our unique large raw material source by nature contains no harmful zeolite species and exceptional low levels of harmful impurities. It has extraordinary homogeneous quality distribution, high concentration of Clinoptilolite and high ion exchange capacity.

From there, it passes through our patented purification process for human consumption to remove remnant impurities and enhance it to a stable negatively charged crystalline matrix of G-PUR® allowing it to operate as an ion exchanger and a selective absorbent.

This enables G-PUR® to absorb bad mycotoxins, toxic heavy metals such as lead and mercury and dietary cholesterol in your digestive tract.

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G-PUR® Clinoptilolite

G-PUR® was pioneered by an experienced group of scientists dedicated to cleaner, better living. We developed G-PUR® so we can enjoy the foods we love and reduce absorption of mycotoxins. Bottom line – the fewer unhealthy elements absorbed into our body, the better for our health. (G-PUR® is the first Clinoptilolite product submitted to the FDA with safety data and the FDA issued a “no objection" letter.)

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